Here’s a question that I get frequently:

“Raheem, what kind of rewards will motivate my customers to return frequently?”

Most people think the answer is to offer fancy rewards. Or that they have to offer generous rewards. In reality, those are not important.  The best rewards have three qualities:

  1. The reward is cash or cash-like (e.g. store credit)
  2. It is easy for the customer to earn the reward
  3. It is easy for the customer to use the reward (rewards that require codes to use are usually not the best)

When you offer rewards with the above qualities, customers are more likely to earn and use rewards.
That’s when the magic happens.

That’s when their likelihood of doing business with you greatly increases.

This is the entire product philosophy behind RewardCamp – to make it easy for your customers. This is why RewardCamp has a high retention rate.

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