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During this demo, we’ll cover the following

  1. A surefire and little known method to boost repeat orders in the next 14 days, even from long-dormant customers.
  2. One and only proven-effective trigger that gets customers coming back and ordering every month, like clockwork, without fail.
  3. The autopilot method to get new customers to come back and order again, even if you stop offering discounts.
  4. The method used by the biggest banks like Chase and Wells Fargo to mint huge profits with very little overhead from loyal customers and how you can do the same.
  5. The step-by-step process to generate a report that shows your top spenders each month and how much they spent.
  6. A special way to tweak your existing promotions that gets customers excited to shop with you.
  7. The scientifically proven method used by Vegas casinos to get their top customers coming back and spending more, and that you can use for your BigCommerce business using RewardCamp.
  8. How to get access to loyalty program policies that protect you from abusive customers and fraudsters looking to take advantage of you.
  9. How to exclude your wholesale customers so that they are not double dipping into big discounts as well as getting top rewards, unless you want them to.
  10. How to be in compliance with manufacturer’s who won’t allow you to offer discounts but still entice customers to buy from you instead of competitors.
  11. Surefire way to design your loyalty program so that it get’s adopted quickly by customers.
  12. The “no-sweat, no-brainer” way to boost your customer service using RewardCamp’s rewards and customer history.
  13. Key strategies for migrating from your previous loyalty program so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.