Somewhere in Italy, a man has taken a stand against selfies.

It started with him photo-bombing a tourist taking a selfie. In that picture, he’s wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘Stop Taking Selfies.’

Here’s the photo posted on reddit by MicrowaveSama, who says the selfie-snapping man is her dad.

Selfie Hating Man Teaches Customer Loyalty







Since then the internet has taken up his cause, adding his photos to many memorable selfies.











After seeing these pictures, I felt a connection to this guy.

But also a desire to buy that t-shirt as well as anything else he wants to sell.

So here is the selfie hating man (SHM) method of increasing sales and building customer loyalty:

  1. Take a stand against something that is clearly stupid but popular. For example, I am against selfies, Sunday-nap-destroying loud motor bikes, loud commercials, etc.
  2. Taking a stand will attract others and make you real (as in authentic). This will also create a desire in them to buy from you.
  3. The best part is that the folks who are attracted to you, will buy from you again and again. Some people also call this building a brand.

But if you are shy and awkward like me, or if you just want to give customers a reason to return, in a way that they like, check out a demo of RewardCamp.

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