Few years ago, marketing expert Melanie Duncan started an online home decor store.

She achieved a major coup by getting a spot on Good Morning America. As part of the deal, she agreed to give away 350 gifts to the audience. GMA has 5 million national viewers. On the day the spot aired, Melanie’s website received thousands of visitors but only a handful of orders.

She lost a lot of money.

It was a tough start for her new store. Months later, Melanie began noticing little streams of traffic coming from Pinterest. Unlike the Good Morning America traffic, a lot of visitors from Pinterest were placing orders.

She began studying Pinterest. Learning about the audience and the site. Within a short time, Pinterest became the # 1 traffic source. It was contributing to thousands of dollars in sales each month.

Here are 5 tactics Melanie used to get more sales from Pinterest.

* Tactic 1 – Add a Pin It button

Melanie added a “Pin It” button to her site. Pinterest now offers a “Pin It” for business, which is what Melanie recommends.

She suggests adding the “Pin It” button to all your product images. When someone pins a product, all of their followers see it. Over 80% of the pins are re-pins on Pinterest.

* Tactic 2 – Post inspiring messages

Melanie posts images with inspiring messages on her pinterest page. Her audience love these inspiring images and often click on them. Which brings them to her online store and many of them end up placing an order.

* Tactic 3 – Use an easy tool to create content for your pinterest page

She used picmonkey to overlay text onto beautiful images. This allows her to quickly and easily create inspiring content for her pinterest page.

* Tactic 4 – Pin Youtube videos

She pins Youtube videos of her products on her pinterest page. Videos  do phenomenally well on pinterest.

* Tactic 5 – Use Keywords on Pinterest to increase SEO ranking of your store.

Melanie found that Pinterest can significantly increase SEO rankings. She suggests using keywords when setting up your account in the about section. She also used keywords in the captions and the board titles. All of the above tactics will help you land new customers.

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