A young sales woman peeped into the office of someone who looked like a sales manager, muttered something then started walking away.

After retreating a little she seemed to head back to the door, where after some hesitation, started to back away again.

The Sales Manager, observing all this from his office began feeling sorry for the young lady. He was also surprised that she was so badly trained and caller her into his office.

“You’re a salesperson aren’t you? What are you selling”

“Sir…. uh … yes … I’m a saleswoman. I’m sorry to bother you. I was selling insurance, but I’m sure you don’t want any. Sorry to have wasted your time.”

Feeling sorry for the young bungler the Sales Manager bought 2 policies to give the young saleslady some confidence and then started teaching her about selling.

He said … “You should have different pre-planned approaches for different kinds of ….”

“But I do, Sir, the one I just used is my planned approach for Sales Managers. It always works. Thank You!”

The point?

Different approaches for different customers.

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