A man received a lot of publicity last year for his unusual method of looking for work. He’s a marketer in his native Europe. But his dream is to work in Silicon Valley.

So he came to San Francisco and began delivering boxes of donuts to tech executives. Inside the box of donuts, he placed a large note: ‘Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine ends up in your belly.’

Behind the note was his resume. His story was widely covered in TV and newspapers. He landed ten interviews with startups in San Francisco. Sadly, four months later, he still remains jobless.

Sometimes being too clever can backfire. While his tactic was great for generating buzz and getting interviews, his conversion failed somehow.

It’s a great lesson for e-commerce.

We are good at bringing traffic and some of us are good at converting that traffic into orders. But then we leave the easy money on the table. We don’t convert that new buyer into a repeat customer.

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