Check out these reviews left by an Amazon seller’s customers:

2 star: “This item is over priced. I have seen cheaper prices for the same cleaner. I could have saved a few bucks per bottle. Thanks anyway. BYE”

Seller’s Comment: “Why in the heck did you buy then? Why didn’t you shop elsewhere? Why did you have to rate us down for buying at a higher price than you wanted to pay?”

1 star: “I should not of bought the gallon. This is too much and will last me a lifetime.”

Seller Comment: “I know our product may be a great deal in the gallon, but only buy the smaller size if that is all you need. Why mark us down for your own lack of buyer self control?”

Unfortunately for Amazon sellers, a bad review has a big impact on their business.

For starters, Amazon ranks them lower in search.

Next, competition is so intense at Amazon, that their conversion rate suffers because of bad reviews.

That’s why it’s so important to build your own store and be master of your own domain.

The reality is that, there is no way to please stupid people and sometimes they’ll be your customer.

Once you have your own store, then you can get started building loyal customers and weeding out the bozos.

And guess what’s great about loyal customers – they don’t leave bad reviews. To the contrary, they leave you great reviews.

RewardCamp will help you increase your customer loyalty and repeat business.

Check out a demo to learn more.

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