While back, I read a rant from a seller on ebay.

She wrote:

“How do you side with a buyer who opens an ‘Item Not As Described’ and says its not the same as the item pictured?

I am not here to rent things out to dishonest buyers, that is why I have a merchandise credit return policy.

I’m sick of dishonest buyers who don’t pay or use the item and then return it.”

The funny thing is that other sellers were not sympathetic to her. To the contrary, they were telling her to suck it up.

Sadly, that’s what you gotta do when you are selling online – deal with bad customers. It’s not always possible to escape them.

But instead of just sucking it up, the better approach is to attract and retain the best customers. When you have enough of them, you don’t have to suck it up anymore. You can just walk away from dishonest, abusive customers.

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