In March 1985, Nike launched the Air Jordan shoe at stores nationwide.

Within two months Nike had sold $70 million worth of Air Jordan shoes. By the end of the year, the Air Jordan franchise had produced revenues of $100 million. In 2012 alone, the Jordan brand sold $2.5 billion worth of shoes.

Phil Knight called the partnership between Nike and Jordan “the perfect combination of quality product, marketing and athlete endorsement.”

Athletic endorsements is a powerful marketing tactic that generates billions of dollars in sales for big corporations. A simpler version of this tactic can be used by e-commerce companies.

It involves getting customer testimonials and reviews. It’s a great way to increase conversion. But how do you get testimonials?

Here is a 5 step process to generate testimonials for your store.

Step 1: Identify your best customers – the ones who are buying frequently from you. You can use RewardCamp to identify these customers.

Step 2: Make it easy – Draft a sample testimonial that the customer can easily edit.

Step 3: Ask for the testimonials using the email template below:

Hi Customer,

Thank you for being a loyal customer. Would you be open to writing a testimonial for us?

An honest description of your experience with us, in your own words, would work great. Below is a sample to help you get started.

‘I love shopping at ___! It’s ___ (easy, quick, convenient) and I love their great ___ (deals, selection, service).’

Thanks for your help!

Step 4: Use the testimonials. Add it to the home page, to the product page and even your checkout page.

A great side effect of customers writing testimonials is that they also tend to order more often from you.

Once you have these testimonials and reviews in place, you will notice an increase in new customers. Then you can use RewardCamp to convert these new customers into repeat buyers.

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