Dan Kennedy is one of the greats of the direct marketing and copywriting world who has generated millions in profits and revenue for his clients and his own businesses.

There is a story about how Dan struggled in business until he had an ‘a-ha’ moment. He then put that ‘a-ha’ moment into practice and it changed his business and finances.

This insight applies equally to the local plumbing business as it does to a Fortune 500 company. You could even say it’s a law of business.

It leads to massive financial success and it’s pretty simple.

Here it is:

Big financial success comes to a business when it has a system for generating leads, customers and sales.

The keyword is system. A system is one that takes certain inputs and produces a consistent set of outcomes. Since there are already proven systems out there, it’s unnecessary to create new systems.

It used to be pretty expensive to implement systems because it involved buying a bunch of computers, software, hiring consultants, etc. Thanks to the fascinating modern age we live in, it’s become a lot easier and cheaper to implement systems.

But systems don’t have to involve technology. Your system for shipping can be a set of written instructions.

Once you have a system in place, you can tweak and improve it, creating even better results. A system that smart businesses have is for converting new buyers into loyal, repeat customers.

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