On May 25, 1961 President Kennedy announced the ambitious goal of putting a man on the moon. Eight years later that mission was accomplished.

Bill Gates set the mission of putting a PC in every home running Microsoft software. That mission made him a billionaire by age 31.

Mission statements are exceedingly powerful.

They can turn defeat into victory.

They can transform a small business into a billion dollar corporation.

They can turn a painful journey into the greatest adventure of our lives.

The challenge is coming up with a good mission statement with that kind of impact.

Yet, there is a simple way to craft a powerful mission statement.

That simple idea is to make it the mission of your e-commerce business to be the destination for the best customers.

It will re-orient your business to customers who buy often, who are extremely profitable, turn your business into a cash cow and even mean that you work less hours.

The possibilities are endless.

The easiest way to get started on this incredible mission is to set a loyalty program like RewardCamp that rewards your customers into becoming the best customers.

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