A farmer was driving his wagon through a rain-soaked muddy road and it got stuck in the mud. No matter how hard his horses tried, the wagon would not move.

The farmer got down, looked at the wheels wedged in the deep mud and did nothing. Instead he cursed about the bad roads and urged on Hercules to come down and help him get unstuck.

Hercules then appeared before him and said:

“Put your shoulder to the wheel man and give it a push. Do you think simply whining about it will make the cart move? Hercules will not help you unless you make some effort to help yourself.”

The shocked farmer heeded the advice and began pushing and urging his horses. Very soon the cart became unstuck and moved along. Like the farmer, many BigCommerce retailers get stuck.

They offer good prices, a good product and great customer service and yet lose customers to the competition. Many of these retailers then give up.

Instead they can solve the problem by using a customer friendly loyalty program like RewardCamp that innoculates customers from the competition.

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