Here in New York City, a lot of people work in finance. I heard of one such guy, who’s very smart and hard working.

But he’s also bored at his finance job. He caught the entrepreneurial bug and keeps talking about starting his own business or working for a startup.

He finally made the decision to quit and informed his boss. The bosses did a whole dog and pony show for him. They told him he’d be starting from the bottom at a startup; that most new businesses fail; that it would take him several years before he would make the same kind of money; that his future at the company was bright. Then they made him an offer.

It must’ve been a great offer because the guy decided to stay at his ‘boring’ job.

Many online retailers start out just like this guy – with an entrepreneurial itch. Except that they follow through on their dreams. They start small, something on the side, maybe as a hobby or maybe as a way to get out of the 9 to 5 grind.

Unfortunately, the vast majority do not make it in e-commerce. Only a small percentage, learn to make money. An even smaller percentage, are able to build a flourishing, full-time business in e-commerce. What most of these retailers have in common, is that they are constantly trying out things to accomplish two goals:

  1. Acquire new customers
  2. Keep their existing customers happy and buying more

RewardCamp is a great tool for getting your existing customers staying loyal and spending with you.

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