“The force that creates sales, that powers our present economy, is desire. And the art of salesmanship, fundamentally and primarily is expanding this desire. Expanding it horizontally, among more and more people. Expanding it vertically by sharpening and magnifying it – by building it to such a pitch that it overcomes the obstacles of skepticism, lethargy and price, and results in the sale.”

These words were written by Gene Schwartz in his book Breakthrough Advertising. He goes on to explain that salesmanship is all about overcoming objections.

Objections about trust.
Objections about price.
Objections about quality.

This is no easy task. Throw in competitors and it’s made more difficult.  Now add the convenience of online shopping, and your sales job just became even more challenging. And yet, e-commerce retailers are accomplishing this tough feat every day.

Then a funny thing happens.

After spending all that energy to get each new customer, they forget about him. Their focus shifts entirely on getting the next new customer. But over fifty years of retailing data has shown that a customer who buys once is more likely to buy again. It takes just a bit more effort.

That effort consists of accomplishing three things:

  1. Delight the customer
  2. Help the customer remember you
  3. Give the customer a reason to return

RewardCamp does this work for you. And it does it very well. So well that most of our retailers see double and triple growth in their repeat orders. Sign up for a free trial of RewardCamp and grow your sales.

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