There’s a great Seinfeld episodes that has served me well in business.

It’s the one where George does the opposite of whatever he thinks he should do.

For example:

George saw a beautiful woman in the diner, walked up to her and instead of lying to get a date, said he was short, unemployed and lived with his parents.

The woman immediately wanted to go out on a date.

Later he goes for a job interview with the Yankees.

Unlike every other candidate, he does not kiss ass. Instead he tells the owner how much the team sucks, and why his every decision is lame.

“Hire this man!” the owner said.

Anyways, here’s the point:

Whenever your logic and heart tells you that your customer will keep shopping with you because of your great service, product, price, or whatever, just assume the opposite.

Your customers wont return unless you give them a reason to and remind them of that reason.

So do this: Offer your customers rewards. It will give them a reason to return and keep shopping with you.

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