A few years ago I came across an online retailer who was unusual. This guy was great at marketing. He was a Google adwords ninja.

The funny thing is that he was always struggling with customers.

Although he was good at adwords, he could only convert the traffic if he offered big discounts.

So his profits were slim to none. And practically none of these new customers ever came back.

The problem was that he did not know how to build customer loyalty.

And so he didn’t get a lot of repeat business – which is where the real money is. He didn’t have loyal customers who came to him, or sent referrals.

This guy ended up moving away from e-commerce.

If he’d known how to create loyalty in customers, he’d still be in business and doing better than ever.

The first step in building customer loyalty is to offer a rewards program – it’s cheaper than spending on google ads, and it gets customers to spend without receiving big discounts.

But you gotta do it right – don’t do a rewards programs like the airlines.

RewardCamp was built to increase customer loyalty by delighting your customers.

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