“The championships are the byproducts of the exercises and the drills when I was six years old” – Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant, five times NBA championship winner, is well-known among players for his intense work ethic.

Here’s a story about Kobe’s work ethic from Blake Griffin, an LA Clippers player:

“Bryant told his longtime trainer, Tim Grover, that he wanted to add in bike training to his summer conditioning. Grover researched a trail in Las Vegas, rented three bikes — one for Bryant, one for himself and one for Bryant’s security guard — and on the night before the first day of practice, they each put on headlamps and headed out to the trail and rode.
“We finished up around 2 a.m.” Grover said. “And we were back in the gym working out by 7:30 in the morning.”

And another one from Jamal Crawford from the LA Clippers:

“I heard one time in a workout that he practiced a shot for an hour. The same shot. For one hour. And it wasn’t like a three-pointer, it was a little shot in the mid-range area. Do you know how tedious that is? Do you know how locked in you have to be to do one shot for an hour? To trick your mind that way? That’s unbelievable.”

The point?

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