A lark had made her nest in a field of wheat. As the wheat grew, so did the young birds.

One day, the farmer and his son came by and noticed that the wheat had grown. The farmer said:

“Son, the wheat is ready for harvest. We must tell our friends and family to help us harvest it.”

Hearing the farmer, the young larks were in fear. They knew their nest would be destroyed during the harvest.

They shared their fears with mama lark. Mama lark then replied:

“Do not fear children. If the farmer said he’ll ask for help from his friends and neighbors, this wheat will not be harvested for a while then.”

Few days later, the wheat had ripened some more and began flying off the stalks. The farmer, noticing the flying grains of wheat, said to his son:

“Son, we cannot wait for our friends and neighbors to help. We must harvest this wheat or we will lose the crop. Tomorrow we must start at once.”

Again the young larks were terrified and shared with mama lark.

Hearing these words, mama lark replied:

“We must leave at once then. When a man decides to do his own work and not depend on anyone else, then you can be sure there will be no more delay”

The next day the farmer and his son began harvesting and found an empty nest.

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They wait for guarantees, for free time, for the best tool, before growing repeat business and customer loyalty.

Meantime their competitors are improving and stealing customers.

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