A strange story from a wonderful book called Path of Least Resistance.

A man woke up one day convinced that he is a zombie. At first his wife ignored him. After realizing he was serious, she tried reasoning with him was not able to change his mind.

He called his mother over. The mother told him “Son, I did not give birth to a zombie.” The man replied that he was not born a zombie but he became one recently.

The wife then called the minister over. The minister suggested that the guy might be having a mid life crisis and tried to change his mind. But he would not budge from his zombieness.

The minister suggested taking him to a psychiatrist he knew. The wife setup an emergency meeting and took him the next day. At the psychiatrist’s office the doctor said:

“So you think you are zombie?”

“Tell me do zombie’s bleed?”

“Of course not, zombies are the living dead. They don’t bleed.”

The doctor then took his finger, pricked it and let the blood ooze out.

The psychiatrist said “See, you are bleeding. You’r not a zombie.”

The man said “Wow! I guess zombies do bleed”

Denial is a powerful force and we are extremely clever at lying to ourselves. In some cases denial can be a good thing, as in, believing that we will die in far distant future. It helps us to move along with our lives instead of living in paranoia.

But in many cases, it harms us.

Denial is extremely dangerous for business. It’s the number 1 reason that many businesses get in trouble. It even wipes out Fortune 500 corporations.

Here’s some major denial issues in e-commerce.

Denial about the profitability of repeat customers vs new ones.

Denial about the level of competition in e-commerce.

Denial that good service and product are enough to get customers to keep buying from you. (It’s not)

When people finally do get over their denial, it’s often too late.

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