Jack has a side business making money from horse shit. The way it works is that Jack picks up manure from rural farms, hauls it to the city and sells it from his trunk using Craigslist ads.

Now he’s thinking of writing an ebook that teaches others to do the same and make $20 a pop. Jack is new to business so he wrote to an entrepreneur’s forum asking for feedback about his growing enterprise.

The unanimous advice he got was to ditch the ebook idea and focus on growing his side business. One person suggested renting an acre of land, getting all the manure there and making a liquid version of the manure. He could then put his own label on it and ship it nationwide.

A month later, the guy decided to focus on the ebook option. This is an example of thinking big vs. thinking small.

The big thinkers are figuring out how to build a million dollar business from a side hustle. They are thinking about building systems that allow the business to grow without increasing costs, hiring staff who grow into managers and converting new buyers into loyal customers.

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