Three brothers had started a solar lighting e-commerce store but they were hardly making any money. So they made some changes.

They moved the store to an e-commerce platform that allowed quick changes. They hired a developer to redesign the store. They added a chat box for visitors to ask questions. They started advertising.  Of all the changes, the chat box provided the most interesting results.

No one ever used the chatbox. But the chat box allowed the brothers to see in real time what the shoppers were doing.  Here’s what they noticed.

Shoppers would click on ad and land on their store. The shoppers would add a product to the shopping cart. But instead of finishing checkout, the shoppers would visit the ‘About Us’ page and then exit the site. It happened over and over again.

So the brothers made changes to their ‘About Us’ page.

  1. They posted pics of themselves.
  2. They talked about how it’s a family business.
  3. They listed their 5 point customer pledge.
  4. They added testimonials.

Here’s what happened next. Instead of abandoning the cart, shoppers were completing the order! Taking action and experimenting is the way to get new customers.

But once you have them, you need other tactics to keep those customers coming back. Like using RewardCamp to convert new shoppers into repeat customers.

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