I had a ‘bleep me’ kinda moment the other day.

After spending hours creating a word document, I needed to convert it into a PDF document. Easy enough.

Problem was that, I couldn’t remember the name of the website used to convert word docs into pdf files. So I googled ‘word to pdf website’ and none of the results were the one we use. Tried to concentrate and remember the name but my mind was blanking.

Next, I checked my browser history for several minutes but found nothing.

I had 4 minutes 19 seconds left before needing to jump on a phone call. By now, my annoyance had turned into full-blown aggravation.

Why can’t people name their sites something easy to remember.

I went through the browser history one more time but this time used the built-in search. Typed in ‘pdf’ and hit enter. Bam! It found an entry from the last time the site was used.

Just like me, your customers forget.

They forget your business name.

They forget your website address.

They forget to bookmark it.

A few might search for the old order confirmation email from you.

But most will end up just buying from Amazon.

And just like that you lost a sale.

RewardCamp helps you to combat this kind of forgetfulness. It helps your business to stay top of mind with your customers.

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