An online retailer was walking along the beach and found a bottle.

He rubbed it and a genie appeared offering him 3 wishes but with an e-commerce twist. Every wish granted to him, would also be twice-granted to a competitor.

The online retailer thought about it and took the deal.

His first wish was for $10 million dollars. It was granted. His competitor also received $20 million dollars.

His second wish was for a Ferrari. His rival received two Ferraris.

For his third wish, the online retailer said, “well, I’ve always wanted to donate a kidney for a transplant.”

If only dealing with the competition was a matter of being clever. But in e-commerce, we know that being clever alone is not enough.

The best way to deal with the competition is to build a base of loyal customers.

RewardCamp provides you a way to build intense customer loyalty, so that your customers will keep shopping with you even if they find lower prices elsewhere.

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