In October 1908, the first Model T car rolled out of Ford factories in Detroit.

The Model T would go on to sell 15 million units.

It transformed America from a horse-drawn to a motorized nation.

It was the first car that was affordable to the working man.

It was the first car to be built using the assembly line, forever changing manufacturing.

It was the first global car, built simultaneously in multiple countries.

Before he got to this point, Henry Ford would struggle for many, many years. He would:

  • Starting in 1879, work for other people for 22 years, learning his craft and supporting his family.
  • Finally start his first company in 1901 and resign from it within a year due to management disputes.
  • Not give up and start his second company in 1902 only to struggle to pay the bills. He survived only after some of his suppliers agreed to accept equity as payment.
  • Work on his second company for 6 years before building the blockbuster model T in 1908.


All we hear about in the news is the success stories of entrepreneurs. But behind the scenes, it’s years and years of work, failure and patience.

This October and beyond, let us keep on keepin’ on!

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