Have you seen the Tony Robbins video where he talks about the three kinds of learners and problem solvers?

  1. The dabblers: This is the person who’ll make progress initially when learning or solving a problem. But when they hit a bump, they’ll quit. They’ll convince themselves that the new project or course ain’t really for them.
  2. The stressors: This is the person who’ll not quit when they hit the first plateau or challenge. Instead they’ll get stressed out. But they won’t quit. They’ll stick with the problem until it is solved. Then they’ll make more progress until they hit the next bump and go through the same cycle of being stressed out. The problem with the stressors is that they burn out. They wish for fewer problems in life.
  3. The masters: When the master is learning something new or starting a new project, they go and find someone who is an expert and get their help. The masters enjoy problems because it’s an excuse to learn something new and to work with experts. Masters are not stressed and don’t react to problems. They live in anticipation of the success that’ll come when the problem is solved.

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