On a recent Sunday afternoon, my date and I were driving back from an afternoon in Brooklyn. I was trying to switch lanes and finding it difficult. Then this guy gave me an opening. Afterwards, I gave him the ‘thank you wave.’ I asked my date if she knew about the ‘thank you wave’ since I never see anyone do it here in New York City. To my surprise she did and we ended up having a conversation about it.

I first noticed the ‘thank you wave’ while going to college in Texas. The ‘thank you wave’ is a wave from one driver to another. Usually the grateful driver is driving in front and the receiving driver is behind. It’s safe since it’s done from inside the car, instead of sticking your hands out the window.  It’s not only polite but often the only way to communicate between drivers, creating a much better driving experience.

Since I bought a car last year, I’ve started doing the ‘the thank you wave.’ Secretly I also want to spread a great driving etiquette here in NYC.

E-commerce is impersonal just like driving in a big city is. In such a cold environment, having a ‘thank you wave’ moment helps you to stand out. Offering rewards via RewardCamp is like that ‘thank you wave’ to your customers. It makes them feel good. It let’s you thank them. And then they return for their next order.

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