Last week I went down to Key West for some R&R. During the visit I was surprised by a Haitian restaurant called Mo’s Place. I entered Mo’s Place around three in the afternoon and it was empty. The owner was having lunch behind the counter.

I took a seat, looked through the menu and asked for the seafood gumbo. He said it would take half an hour to prepare. I wanted something faster and so he suggested the oxtail stew. I’m not a big fan of oxtail stew but I was hungry and decided to go with it.

The meal came quickly. And that’s when the surprise began.

From the first bite, this meal was heaven. Each morsel was lighting up my taste buds. Even a week later, I can taste it and how good it was. Looking back, it’s the best meal I’ve had this year. It was so good that I plan to return to Key West. Mo has earned himself a repeat customer.

Another repeat customer felt the same kind of delight that I did. Except she’s a customer of one of our retailers. The retailer received the following note from that customer:

“Wow, thank you! I just found you yesterday and placed an order, and now you’ve given me rewards credit. I appreciate it!”

Customer delight, especially when it is surprising, always gets them returning and buying again. To surprise and delight your customers, sign up for a free trial of RewardCamp at

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