Here’s a sad story about a guy I know.

Names and details have been changed to protect the innocent (and I suppose the guilty too).

Let’s call him Nick.

Nick is an entrepreneur whose main business is supplying food for office events. He’s the guy you call when you want to order sandwiches and cookies for your office meeting.

He started this business ten years ago and now has a dozen employees.

But Nick was complaining the other day about his home life.

Nick loves his family to death but he sacrificed a lot to build the business, working long hours and even weekends.

This didn’t seem too much of a problem when the kids were young. He figured he’d sacrifice now to spend more time with them later.

But just like that, time flew and the kids are teenagers now.

And one of them is having problems at school. He’s tried to connect with her but she keeps pushing him away.

Nick is worried that because he spent so much time on his business that his little angel has drifted apart. He’s tried to make up for lost time but worries it’s too late.

That’s the thing about building a business – you can build it where it consumes your life.

Or you can build it so that it gives you true freedom – both in income and time.

Building a freedom business requires systems.

Systems that bring new customers.

Systems that keep customers happy and loyal.

Systems that keep operations smooth.

One of the first systems that you want is a loyalty system that converts your new buyers into loyal customers.

RewardCamp is that system.

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