Cart abandonment is a real scourge in our industry. It’s that annoying last minute resistance (LMR?).

But I recently found a cure.

It works so well that a customer won’t abandon their cart.

Even if they have to start all over again.

Even if they have to come back to it several hours later.

Even if they have to wait several days!

I’m not kidding! I have seen it with my very eyes. And it’s so delightfully simple.

Here’s how it works.

You offer rewards (like store credit) to your customers each time they make a purchase.

The rewards entices them to return.

Upon their return, they will browse, shop, add items to the cart and during checkout, something may go wrong.

But because they are trying to use a reward, they’ll not give up.

They’ll try a few times. And still won’t abandon that precious cart.

They’ll even email you for help. Until they are able to complete checkout.

I see it every month with RewardCamp retailers.

So, there you are – RewardCamp helps to decrease cart abandonment rates.

Check out a demo to learn more.

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