Gary Halbert and Scott Haines were two giants of the direct marketing world. Scott was also an apprentice of Gary Halbert.

Many years ago Gary and Scott were visiting a mutual friend in Key West, Florida. They were looking for places to stay during their visit. So Scott was looking through the classifieds in the Key West Citizen newspaper. As he was going through the ads and discussing the pros and cons, he felt like there wasn’t anything good available.

After about five minutes of this uncertainty, Gary grabbed the paper and said:

“I do know this, movement beats meditation any day.”

Gary then picked up the phone, went down through the classifieds, and a few minutes later was talking to someone about checking out their place “right now”. Less than 10 minutes later, he and the mutual friend were out the door. An hour later, they were back with keys to his new place. Scott was still going through the classifieds trying to find the best rental.

Scott would later say of that moment:

“I’ve never forgotten that lesson. It was one of the most dramatic demonstrations I’ve ever witnessed of someone getting something done immediately.”

Movement beats meditation any day.

I see this with e-commerce retailers who succeed. They are not afraid of taking action and trying things out. Especially actions that bring customers and money in the door.

Using RewardCamp is one such action – it’ll keep your customers loyal and spending with you.

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