On a hot summer day, two travelers were walking down a long country road.

Noticing a large plane tree, they decided to rest under it’s shade.

One of the travelers commented:

“The plane tree is so useless! It gives no fruits and litters the road with it’s leaves.”

Suddenly a voice roared from the tree.

“Thankless creatures! You lie here, cooling in my shade and yet you call me useless! So ungratefully do men receive their blessings!”

Moral of the story? Our best gifts are often least appreciated.

Kinda like our best customers. Time flies when running a business, especially a growing one. It’s easy to forget about them.

And soon these best customers end up becoming former customers.

A great way to show your appreciation is to offer a rewards program.

RewardCamp makes it easy to make your customers feel appreciated. Which get’s them to stay loyal to you.

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