Did you know that there are no clocks in Vegas casinos.

These casinos spend billions building the most lavish hotels. And millions more to provide the best food, entertainment and the service.

All that work just to get a new customer in the door. That’s how they attract their traffic.

After spending millions and billions to get each new customer, why wouldn’t they take additional steps to keep that customer happy and spending for as long as possible?

Actions like getting rid of clocks.

E-commerce is similar and different from Vegas.

Like Vegas, we spend a ton of money to bring new customers to our sites.

But unlike Vegas, once we get that customer, most of us stop doing those few extra things that would get the customer happy and spending more.

Extra steps like offering rewards.

It gives customers a reason to return and spend even more. In fact, Vegas is big in the rewards and loyalty game.

And if you offer rewards using a customer-friendly loyalty system, customers will return sooner, more often, putting more money in your pockets.

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