I got a question the other day:

QUESTION: Is it possible to keep my customers coming back even if they find better prices and deals with competitors?

ANSWER: Yes, this is possible.

But first, let’s take a step back. One of the pressures faced by e-commerce retailers is the downward pricing pressure. Pricing is the main reason why everyone is losing customers, all the time.

So how does RewardCamp keep your customers coming back, even when your competitors offer lower prices?

Here’s how —

When your customer places an order, they receive store credit as a reward. This is like free money. It immunizes that customer from price competition. Why go through the hassle of finding deals, when you have free money with a retailer?

RewardCamp goes further by making it easy for your customers to earn and use their free reward. They don’t have to jump through hoops, remember codes or any of the hassle usually associated with loyalty programs.

This is why customers keep ordering from you when you use RewardCamp. Sign up for a free trial of RewardCamp and increase your revenues.

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