An old Russian proverb goes something like this:

“Work is not a wolf, it will not run to the forest.”

Russians use it to convey the importance of other things in life besides work.

But I’d use a different proverb.

“Work is the tree that shades, protects and sustains.”

That’s because for entrepreneurs, work is endless. An entrepreneur must create a business out of nothing or very little. The only difference between life and death for her business during the first few years, is her work. Finally, when the business is able to stand on it’s own, many entrepreneurs seem to work even harder and longer hours.

But at a certain point, successful entrepreneurs start to change the nature of their work.

They go from doing it all to hiring people.

They go from doing repetitive tasks to creating instruction sets.

They go from making all decisions and to empowering staff to make them.

They start thinking about automating tasks.

They start thinking about letting the business run without their day to day involvement.

And soon they start thinking of business empires. But in the beginning the entrepreneur has to do it all.

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