Sixty-nine year John McMillan was living his dream – proud owner of Whitbie’s Fish n Chips restaurant in a small town outside Calgary, Canada.

He had dreamed of opening this restaurant for many years.

But John McMillan was struggling.

His restaurant was in a bad location that got very little foot traffic.

So even after being in business for seven years, most people did not know about his restaurant.

The last several months had been especially tough – he made so little money that he hadn’t paid himself.

And then, one day things changed.

That day, 31-year old Colin Ross stopped in with a hangover, looking for some comfort food.

After finishing a delicious meal of fried halibut and chips, Colin wondered why old man McMillan looked so depressed.

After a bit of prodding, he learned of McMillan’s struggles.

Ross decided to post a photo of his meal, raving about the food, revealing the story of McMillan’s struggles. He asked his friends to share and support the joint.

Soon the post went viral and customers started pouring in, up to 500 a day.

Colin Ross is the textbook definition of a best customer. When he likes a business, he’ll become a champion and do his part to bring in new business.

It’s too bad that old man McMillan had to wait seven years before he found someone like Colin Ross.

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